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Welcome to The Program – a community where the pursuit of balance and Self-Mastery is a way of life.

Created by Jim McFadyen, this is your daily gateway to over 27 years of knowledge and wisdom in intentional living. From the art of breathwork and stress management to mastering cold and heat exposure for vitality, The Program will allow you to navigate the landscapes of wellbeing.

Pre-recorded Wisdom

Access Jim's 27 years of knowledge, anytime, anywhere in the intentional life course. Topics include: waking up during the night, manging stress, cold/heat exposure.

Community Support

Engage with like-minded individuals in our exclusive Telegram group, a space for motivation, shared stories, and strictly no drama. Connect in person at our exclusive program member events/ meetups.

Meditation Library

On-demand access to our library of meditation and breathwork recordings, allowing you to access tranquility 24/7. Whether it be to for your morning breathwork / meditation or to destress at work.

Live Sessions

Live guided breathwork and meditation sessions / Q&A's hosted on zoom multiple times per week. Join from the comfort of your home and witness the powerful connections that take place.

First Access & Discounts

Get first access and exclusive discounts to all upcoming events, retreats, one-to-one sessions and workshops at The Vortex Centre.



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Creator Of The Program

Natural Health, Holistic Wellbeing, Personal and Spiritual Development Expert.

For almost 3 decades Jim has been on a Devotional Journey of Self Discovery and Mastery that has been remarkable in many ways.

With the simple intention to discover "who he REALLY was" back in 1997, his story and experiences along his Way including the many lessons learned from some of the 'Greats' have allowed him to create and ultimately share 'The Program' he has been 'Blessed With' after all those years of his 'Work'.

One of the first certified breathwork and cold exposure experts in the World Jim has shared his vast knowledge and experience with over 10,000 people since these modalities came into his own life and daily 'work' in 2016.

The intention is simple: to help mankind reconnect back to The Way natural-life was and is supposed to be lived.

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